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Frameless Inline Glass Shower Door

Frameless Inline Glass Shower Door

Shown in this bathroom:

Neo Angle Shower Enclosure

Neo-Angle Shower Enclosure

Shown in this bathroom:

Corner Shower Enclosure

Corner Shower Enclosure

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Door and Panel Glass Shower Door

Door & Panel Glass Shower Door

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Inline Glass Shower Enclosure

Inline Glass Shower Enclosure

Shown in this bathroom:

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The Benefits of a Frameless Glass Shower Door

Hygienic and Easy to Maintain

With fewer crevices than framed showers, frameless glass panels are far easier to clean. The metal parts are stainless steel instead of aluminum, so they are also easier to maintain.

Plus, if you treat your glass with ClearShield glass protectant, it will be even easier to maintain for years to come.

Check out the top 10 reasons why you should go frameless.

Glass Sliding Shower Door Enclosures are Easy to Maintain

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Frameless Shower Configurations

Single Frameless Showers Doors
Inline Frameless Showers Doors
Corner Frameless Showers Doors
Neo Angle Frameless Showers Doors

Frequently asked shower design questions

What's the difference between a frameless and a framed shower?

A frameless glass shower has no metal framing to support the glass. Instead, metal clips or low-profile U-channels support the glass.

Framed showers have an aluminum casing surrounding the glass to support it. They typically use thinner glass than a frameless shower. Some people prefer the look of a frame around the shower as a design element.

Will a frameless shower improve my bathroom or home value?

Absolutely. The bathroom and the kitchen are the most important considerations for perspective home buyers. So upgrading your bathroom makes your resale more competitive against new homes.

Also, frameless showers are a great investment because these durable structures will hold their value. With our Clearshield glass protection and proper aftercare, your frameless shower will remain like new for years to come.

Do frameless shower enclosures come in standard sizes?

There are no standard sizes for frameless showers. We measure and cut glass to your specifications.

While there are some standard shower and bath openings, such as a single door opening or an inline opening, nearly all the specifications of these common openings can be customized. You can set your shower height and width, within a wide safety limit.

The freedom to create is one of the appeals to a frameless shower enclosure. And, we're happy to help you do it!

What is universal design and how does it relate to frameless glass showers.

Universal design is a broad home design concept that strives to make sure everyone can fully function in the home, regardless of size, age, ability or changing needs. This is especially important as a large portion of the population is looking age-in-place, or stay in their home as long as they can before needing to go to a care facility.

A frameless glass shower is a great example of universal design. It's a walk-in shower, so it's easier to get into our out of than a bathtub. They can even be designed to allow wheelchair access.

You can even refit an existing bathroom that can't be expanded by removing the bathtub and using this area for a walk-in shower.

These enhancements will help your home be accessible to anyone who needs it, even as you age or have special needs.

Want to learn more about getting a new frameless shower door? Check out our frequently asked questions for shower doors page.

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