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Acrylic mirrors go where glass cannot: inside showers, floors, ceilings, lockers, outdoor areas, promotional signs, make-up mirrors, cosmetic cases, decorative surfaces, school rooms, stage sets and more.

Dulles Glass and Mirror Mirror Review

Acrylic mirrors have unlimited use and great features

Made of clear acrylic, glassless mirrors are a durable and attractive alternative to classic glass mirrors. Lightweight and strong (this synthetic material offers 10 times the break resistance of glass), acrylic mirrors are perfect for floor, ceiling, or outdoor applications. Also, due to the flexibility of the material, acrylic mirrors are great for more stylized mirror projects. The metalized backing applied to acrylics is highly reflective.

Glassless mirrors are made from acrylic sheets metalized in a vacuum chamber, and are treated with a tough scratch-resistant coating. All of our acrylic mirrors are "cut to fit" so you can be as creative as you want with your space. We are only offering 1/4" thick mirror for our online shoppers, as this is the most commonly used thickness in the market.

Glassless mirrors are made of synthetic material. Manufacturers differ slightly in their acrylic offerings, including standard sheets, width, durability, coatings and flexibility. These non-glass mirrors may be trademarked and referred to as Plexiglas, Lucite, acrylite, Mylar -- to name a few.

Mounting your custom acrylic mirrors

Acrylic Ceiling Mirror

Acrylic Mirrors for Ceiling

Suffering under a low-ceiling? No problem.

Reflective ceiling light can glam up a room, restaurant or bar like nothing else can. Mirrors are also a great optical trick to raise the ceiling on cave-like rooms, typical of basement apartments and condos.

However, weight-bearing glass mirrors on a ceiling aren't you're safest option. The solution? Acrylic ceiling mirrors. This highly reflective, glassless material is light-weight and shatter-proof and designed as a professional glass alternative product.

Acrylic Mirror Features

Comparison Chart

Feature Acrylic Mirrors Traditional Mirrors
Scratch Resistant
Light Weight
Safety Mirror
Multiple Edgeworks
Delicate Cleaning
Highly Customizable
Cut To Fit
Polishable To High Shine
Easy To Install