Can you design a frameless shower that doesn't leak?

With proper design and installation frameless showers should not have problems with water leakage, but they are not 100 percent watertight.

Fixed glass panels are sealed at the base of the floor and along the sides with clear silicone sealant. Most water seepage comes from the frameless glass door which needs at least 1/4" clearance space along the top, bottom and opening side. And there are many ways to prevent water leakage around a frameless shower door. Here's what we recommend:


  • Install a shower sweep with drip rail onto the bottom of your frameless glass shower door. This will tighten up the clearance space under the door and prevent water seepage. (More about water sweeps)Buy Now
  • Add a back sweep to the rear of the door. It's a clear vinyl seal mounted with hi-bond tape.
  • Use a doorstop. Our clear polycarbonate doorstops fit over the edge of an adjacent glass panel and have a lip that extends out to catch the frameless shower door preventing it from swinging into the shower. By catching the door, this jam temporarily closes clearance space along the door opening.



  • Do not direct water spray at the frameless shower door!! Your protective seals improve watertightness but a glass shower isn't an aquarium. We automatically seal door hinges to give them a protective property as well, but the hinges aren't waterproof.
  • Do not neglect replacing seals. Over time, sweeps and stops may need replacing just as car seals and hoses do. If your frameless glass shower suddenly seems less watertight, check your seals.


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