Wall to Wall Mirror Installation

We offer two types of wall to wall mirror installation: a Wall to Wall Installation and a Short of Wall Installation. Both types of wall mirrors can be installed within two weeks, if the residence is within our service area.

Wall to Wall Installation

Wall to wall mirror installation

A Wall to Wall Installation involves measuring a mirror to perfectly "fit" one entire wall, from edge to edge. This involves a glass professional measuring all dimensions of the wall in order to account for any irregularities, cut outs and outages, etc. The ultimate product is a perfectly fitted piece of glass mirror.

This type of installation usually requires the use of a "J-bar" along the bottom and finishes at a "butt joint" with the adjacent walls and ceiling. The remaining exposed edges are polished.

This method of putting in a mirror creates a more seamless, clean look. However, due to the labor intensive process, the cost of a Wall to Wall Installation is consequently higher.

Short of Wall Installation

Short of wall mirror installation

For a Short of Wall Installation, the customer provides the basic measurements to receive a quote; however, prior to installation a Dulles Glass & Mirror professional would need to get the final measurements.

The glass mirror will cover almost the entire wall, stopping about an inch from each edge. All outer edges of the mirror will be covered by J-bars. This type of installation is less exacting and labor intensive, which results in a lower cost.

Wall to Wall Mirror Pricing

To get a price quote we need you to provide the basic measurements. Four pieces of information are needed:

  • Length of the entire wall
  • Height of the wall
  • Number and location of cut outs (including plugs, light switches, etc) and type of cut outs (single, double, or triple)
  • Access to the area (if there are stairs/elevators, small entryways, other obstructions)