What are the specs for U-channels?

What type of glass will U-channels fit? Our U-channels fit 1/2" or 3/8" thick glass. We don't build frameless showers with anything less. And U-channels are designed for frameless only. Using thinner glass would require a full frame.

What is the height of a U-channel? We prefer using a deep U-channel that is 3/4" tall. It offers a stronger bite on the glass. Some companies may use the smaller 3/8" U-channels. Be sure to ask for a deep U-channel.

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_What are the U-channels made from? _ Our U-channels are made from solid aluminum.

_What is the difference between a wet glaze U-channel and a dry glaze U-channel? _ Wet glaze means that silicone sealant is used to secure the glass panel into a U-channel. Standard U-channels are made for wet glaze application.

There's also a U-channel designed for dry application. This U-channel is lined with a vinyl seal that grabs the glass. Minimal silicone sealant is applied first.

When should you use a wet glaze or dry glaze application? When stronger support is needed use a wet glaze U-channel application. For example, if a glass door will hinge to a fixed glass panel, the panel that supports the weight of the door needs to be fully sealed in the U-channel for security.

If the extra support is not needed, a dry glaze U-channel application may reduce installation time, and the glass panel can more easily be removed if it ever gets damaged and needs replacement.

_Can I mix wet glaze and dry glaze U-channels when installing a glass shower? _ No. The U-channel lines around the shower glass panels won't match. It will create a visible difference that can't be altered.

_Why is a U-channel added to the bottom a shower door, when all that's needed is a water sweep? _ For glass showers that are assembled with U-channels, instead of metal clips, a U-channel combined with a water sweep is added to the bottom of the shower door to create an even sight line with the U-channels bordering fixed glass panels.

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