Converting a Bathtub to Shower Stall

Converting bathtub into walk-in-shower

Stepping in and out over a bathtub rim is a needless, and often dangerous, impediment for older homeowners and those with smaller bathroom spaces. The solution? Dump the tub and open up your space with a shower enclosure.

It’s an easy, low-cost makeover that adds space with a glass shower enclosure and improves bathroom functionality and mobility.

Some homeowners fear converting a bathtub to a shower may effect home resale values. Forget your worries. As long as one bathroom in your home has a tub, you’re better off adapting your bathroom to suit your needs. Plus, smaller bathrooms flow better with a more efficient use of space.

To revitalize your bathroom with a tub-to-shower makeover, follow the advice below.

Basic Steps to Convert Your Tub to a Shower Stall:

  1. Demolish your bathtub and tile (if replacing).
  2. Install shower pan or floor tile.
  3. Tile walls
  4. Add glass doors or glass door/panel combinations

Get Started: Convert Your Bathtub to a walk-in Shower

  1. Choose Your Options: Decide if you want to save space when installing your shower, or if your shower will be the same dimensions as your bathtub. Most times its actually less work if you keep the same dimensions.
  2. Next, Price Your Options: You’re looking for the perfect combination of functionality, price and value for your investment.
  3. Plumbing Considerations: When converting your tub to a shower, work with a knowledgeable plumber either over the phone or by contract. You’ll probably want to use your existing bathtub drain, but you’ll need to check with an expert that is familiar with building codes to make sure the bathtub drain is large enough to meet shower drain requirements. Tweaking bathtub plumbing for the shower should be a minor expense.
  4. Finalize your contract or order your materials: If you’re going to do the project yourself, order your materials in the order that you will use them. For contract work, decide who is removing the tub; a tile contractor should be able to handle demo and insertion of a shower pan (if you won’t have a tile floor). If you live in our service area, we’ll be happy to refer you to one of the many contractors who have worked with us in the past. And finally, we’ll step in to deliver the glass enclosure. Note: Our framed and semi-frameless products can be self-installed or done by your basic bathroom contractor.

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