Can I quote you on that?

Most glass companies offer the option to submit measurements for a particular project in return for a monetary quote. How close this price quote will be to the actual amount charged depends on the accuracy of the original numbers. Here are a few suggestions for measuring correctly:

  1. Make sure the area where the shower is to be installed is exactly the size it will be when the installation begins. This includes having tile and/or other shower surfaces put up before measuring.  Sounds basic, but even a few inches difference in space can cost time and money.
  1. Take measurements from the bottom, middle, and top of the selected area. In a perfect world your shower enclosure space would involve straight lines and 90° angles, but in actually it probably doesn’t. These are important details for your custom glass manufacturer.  Also, make sure to measure from wall to wall.
  1. Double and triple check your hardware measurements; any holes or cut-outs are made pre-tempering and cannot be altered after the tempering process. Choosing hardware from the company fabricating your custom glass enclosure can be helpful because the glass professionals will know the exact measurements required.

Always remember however, if you are super nervous about submitting a self-measured quote, most glass installers will help take measurements.  At Dulles Glass & Mirror, we do everything we can to ensure that you glass shower will exceed your expectations!