Dulles Glass and Mirror Installs Neo Angle Glass Shower Enclosure At Kentlands Firehouse

Dulles Glass and Mirror Installs Neo Angle Glass Shower Enclosure At Kentlands Firehouse

Our friends over at the Kentlands Firehouse are doing a renovation and they shared with us, the result of our shower door installation. This is a Neo Angle, frameless glass shower enclosure. A top of the line shower enclosure without any bulky hardware. For more info, visit our shower doors page!


Oversized Cast Glass Sliding Interior Barn Door [PHOTOS]

Oversized Cast Glass Sliding Interior Barn Door [PHOTOS]

Dulles Glass and Mirror recently completed the fabrication and installation of this whopping 76″ X 103″ X ½” Thick, custom sliding interior barn door made from over-sized cast glass. Here are a few photos to wet your designer beaks!

If this is something you might be interested in, please see our different styles of interior sliding glass doors (also called glass barn doors).


Glass Blowing Demonstration By Janusz Pozniak

Glass Blowing Demonstration By Janusz Pozniak

The Corning Glass museum recently live-streamed a glass blowing demonstration by glass artist Janusz Pozniak. Through this hour-long video, you can see how Janusz masterfully creates what ends up being the most beautiful pieces of handcrafted glass art.

Watch as Janusz Poźniak demonstrates for his class, Blowing Your Mind, which will focus on strengthening students’ understanding of glassblowing fundamentals.

Janusz Poźniak has been blowing glass for more than 28 years, working with some of the best artists and glassblowers in the world. He has worked closely with Dante Marioni for many years, and shares a studio with him in Seattle. For almost two decades, he has taught at many of the schools in America, Japan, Australia, and Europe.

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Dulles Glass & Mirror’s $1,199 Door & Panel Shower Door Sale!

Dulles Glass & Mirror’s $1,199 Door & Panel Shower Door Sale!

Dulles Glass and Mirror’s line of elegant frameless Door & Panel (Inline) Shower Doors are on sale now, starting at $1,199! This includes hardware, measurement, and complete installation. Offer valid while supplies last. 

Hardware includes: Glass shower door. Glass Panel. Plastic Sweeps. U-Channel. C-Pull Tubular Door Handle. Hinges. 

SAVE TODAY with this Limited Time Offer:

• Fully measured and installed
• 72″ tall and up to 36″ wide
• 3/8″ thick tempered glass
• Choice of brushed nickel, brass, or chrome hardware
• Includes 3 year warranty on product, installation and labor††

*Limit one per customer. Not to be combined with any other offers. Washington DC region only.
Offer includes a single fixed panel in an inline configuration with u-channels, door attached to wall, 72” height, using 3/8” thick glass. Hardware finish: Brass, Chrome, or Brushed Nickel (other finishes may impact price).

†Customization options: Widths 36”—48” (up to 48”) add $199. Widths 49”—60” (up to 60”) add $398. Heights other than 72“ (up to 78”) add $150. Corner notch cutouts to accommodate knee walls or seats: add $299. Hanging the door from fixed glass panel: add $449.     ††Includes 3-year-warranty on product, installation and labor—excluding plastic sweeps. All Dulles Glass and Mirror terms and conditions apply.

Microbiology Through Glass Art

Microbiology Through Glass Art | Photo via: lukejerram.com

Glass artist Luke Jerram’s glass art exhibits have been shown all over the world. They take the delicacy and beauty of glass, and show you the intricacy of microbiology. Parasites, viruses, cells, all shown through life-size glass art.

Dignitaries, private art collectors, and art fans all revere Luke’s work. Here are some of Luke’s latest works of amazing art, made from blown glass.

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Customer Submission: Wooden Cigar Box Custom Glass Table Top

Customer Submission: Wooden Cigar Box Custom Glass Table Top

A Dulles Glass and Mirror costumer with a little bit of DIY prowess, crafted this custom table top, and was nice enough to send in the pictures.
Here is their original Wooden Cigar Box Custom Glass Table Top. The glass table top is from Dulles Glass and Mirror, and the base is created from Arturo Fuente’s Signature Hemingway Wooden Cigar Boxes–made of natural wood, beveled corners, brass hinges, and velvet lined bottoms. Amazing job!


The Glass Christmas Tree and the Top 15 Glass Christmas Ornaments!

Glass Christmas Tree (via)

  • The Glass Christmas Tree and the Top 15 Glass Christmas Ornaments!

For many, Christmas season is their favorite season of the year, and while waiting around for the first snow fall of the season, there are many ways one can get into the Holiday spirit.

Did you know there are not only glass ornaments for decorating your Christmas tree, but actual Glass Christmas Trees! When decorating a Glass Christmas Tree, the Christmas lights shine even brighter as the light is unimpeded.

1) Filled Glass Ornaments

Speaking of Glass Christmas Ornaments, the selection out there is endless. There are filled glass ornaments, text ornament balls, mercury glass, etched glass balls, blown glass, stained glass, sea glass, milk glass, painted glass, DIY glass, yarn glass, beaded glass, and glass baubles.

2) Text Ornament Balls

Decorate while giving a positive message… these textual ornament balls have different messages like JOY, LOVE, and PEACE!

3) Mercury Glass Ornaments

If you want that chrome, mercury look, these glass ornaments are the way to go. These reflect light really well and provide a sleek look to your tree.

4) Etched Glass Balls

See: Milk Glass below–these etched glass balls are perfect for a white snow motif in your holiday decorations.

5) Blown Glass Ornaments

Blown glass is one of the most vibrant glass ornaments available.

6) Stained Glass Ornaments

These classic stained glass ornaments are great when coupled with elaborate tree lighting.

7) Sea Glass Ornaments

When decorating a tree, it’s always smart to decorate with a theme or motif in mind… these Sea Glass ornaments are perfect for the aquarium owner and fish lover… or if you just like shiny purple!

8) Milk Glass Xmas Decoration

If you want a snow motif for your holiday decorations, there’s nothing better than these MILK GLASS Christmas decorations. Fake snow sold separately.

9) Painted Glass Ornaments

Similar to the ones below, painted glass ornaments are a staple of the holiday decorating season.

10) DIY Glass Ornaments

These are an example of a DIY’ers glass ornaments –the mixture of white and red flow together inside of the ornamental ball.

11) Yarn Glass Ornaments

If you have someone in your family that likes sewing, these Yarn Glass Ornaments will look really cool on their tree.

12) Beaded Glass Ornaments

If you’re looking for a more arts and crafts feel for your ornaments, there are none better than these beaded glass ornaments.

13) Glass Bauble Ornaments

If you’re looking for more of a spherical decoration, then bauble ornaments are a popular choice.

14) German Glass Ornaments

You can even represent your heritage as here are German and Romanian Glass Christmas Ornaments!

15) Romanian Glass Ornaments


No matter what ornaments you choose to go with when decorating your tree, glass tree? It really is up to you. There’s everything from vibrant colors, to more sleek colors, and tons of DIY opportunities when it comes to holiday décor. If you aren’t having fun decorating then it becomes laborious. Try to put a little meaning and sentimental value in your ornaments and you will be putting the same ones back up year after year and enjoying every moment of it! 

Happy Holidays from Dulles Glass and Mirror!

Giant Magellan–World’s Largest Mirror Array Space Telescope

Giant Magellan–World’s Largest Mirror Array Space Telescope

Very rarely do you see mirrors, nine institutions, and $700 million dollars converge in the name of science. At the University of Arizona, they have been developing the world’s largest telescope comprised of a seven mirror array. Mirrors that span 27 feet each, and weigh 20 tons a piece. Mirrors are at the forefront of telescopic technology, and much of the developments in exploratory space research revolve around the use of mirrors. This Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT) will be 10 times more powerful than the Hubble Telescope, and will rest atop the Andes mountains in Chile–around the year 2020.

GMT Fun Facts

Size of Array: 7 mirrors
Diameter of Mirrors: 27 foot (8.4 meters)
Installation Location: Las Campanas Observatory in the Andes Mountains of Chile
World’s Largest Telescope, World’s Largest Mirrors
Completion Date: 2020
How Much More Powerful & Sharper Than Hubble Space Telescope: 10x Resolution
Cost: $700 Million
Created At: The University of Arizona
Can Photograph Earth-sized Planets
Weight: 20-Tons, Each Mirror
Partner Institutions: Carnegie Institution for Science, Harvard University, Smithsonian Institution, Texas A&M University, the University of Arizona, and the University of Texas at Austin, and more.

New Year’s Resolution Sale: Save 5% Off on All Gym Mirrors!

New Year’s Resolution Sale: Save 5% Off on All Gym Mirrors!

Make your New Year’s resolution a reality, by adding a quality gym mirror to your home gym. Also, now in stock: *NEW* 48″ x 84″ size Gym Mirror kits!

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