Frameless Tub Screens

Customize Your Bathtub Screen:


“We are very excited to introduce an absolutely state-of-the-art platform where our customers can customize a unique glass shower screen that would fit their bathtub, while providing years of beauty and unsurpassed functionality.”

-- Dulles Glass and Mirror, Management


1. Corner Finish

Rounded Corner - Rena Series

Rounded Corner - Rena Series

Choose a rounded corner finish for a seamless look; a perfect way to match other curved bathroom décor like mirrors and circle corner shelves.Learn more



Square Corner - Siena Series

Square Corner - Siena Series

Choose a square corner finish for a sleek and stylish look; an easy way to match your mirror and shelf corners’ angled design hues. Learn more




2. Screen Size

Glass Screen Width: The most common width for bathtub screens is 30” wide. We are also able to fabricate custom bathtub screens in additional sizes from: 24” to 34” wide, to fit the width of your bathtub space. Glass Screen Height:The most common height for bathtub screens is 60” tall. We are able to also fabricate custom bathtub screens in the additional sizes of 58” to 70” tall, to perfectly fit the height of your bathtub space. Learn More Glass Screen Measurement

Select Your Screen Width and Height

Screen Width: Screen Height:

3. Glass Type

Bathtub Screen Glass Types: Glass types for your bathtub screens include: Clear Glass, Low-Iron, Frosted, Grey and Bronze glass. All glass types tempered for your safety. Glass Types

Select Your Glass Type

  • Clear Glass
  • Low-Iron Glass
  • Frosted Glass
  • Grey Glass
  • Bronze Glass

4. Glass Thickness

Bathtub Screen Glass Thicknesses: There are three options available for bathtub screen thicknesses:
  • 1/4” Thick Glass is the thinnest glass option, for a frameless design with the greatest light transmission.
  • 3/8” Thick Glass is the most popular option. This medium glass thickness provides both sturdiness and minimalist design.
  • 1/2” Thick Glass is the premium glass thickness option used in glass bathtub screens. Thicker glass feels and looks more substantial in this option.
Glass Thickness

Select Your Glass Thickness

  • Glass Thickness
  • 1/4" Thickness
  • 3/8" Thickness
  • 1/2" Thickness

5. Hardware Finish

Bathtub Screen Hardware Finishes: You can stylize and decorate your bathtub screen with a wide variety of hardware finishes. Including: Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Hardware Finish

Select Your Hardware Finish

  • Chrome
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

6. Door Pull Type

Door Pull Types:
  • Shower Door Knobs
  • Shower Door Handles
  • Towel Bar
  • Towel Bar Handle Combo
Door Pull Types

Select Your Door Pull Type

  • None
  • Knob
  • Handle
  • Towel Bar
  • Towel Bar Combo

7. ClearShield Option

ClearShield Glass Protection for Bathtub Screens: For added hygiene and longevity of your bathtub screen, select the ClearShield glass protectant option for a superb, “hyrdo-phobic” glass, where the water beads off, and keeps your screen perfectly clear for years to come With the ClearShield System, say goodbye to stains, dirt, discoloration, and hard-water stains, and say hello to an easy-to-clean bathtub screen. Glass Thickness

Select Your Preference for ClearShield

  • Apply ClearShield
  • Do not apply ClearShield

8. Screen Side

Bathtub Screen Side Selection:

Please select a Left or Right Side Bathtub Screen.

I.e. which side of your bathtub the screen will be installed. This is dependent on the current configuration of your bath/shower fixtures.

Learn More

Screen Side

Select Your Screen Side

  • Left Side
  • Right Side

Your Customized Tub Screen

Custom Bathtub Screen

Browse Different Bathtub Screen Selections

Square corner bathtub screen
Size:30" x 60",Thickness:3/8" Square Corner Clear Glass Chrome Finish With Door Knob Left Side

$599.00 $494.80

Round Corner Bathtub Screen
Size:24" x 58",Thickness:1/4" Square Corner Clear Glass Chrome Finish Without Door Knob Left Side

$419.00 $299.99

Square Corner Bathtub Screen
Size:32" x 60",Thickness:3/8" Square Corner Clear Glass Chrome Finish Without Door Knob Left Side

$610.99 $504.74

Round Corner Bathtub Screen
Size:30" x 60",Thickness:1/4" Round Corner Clear Glass Chrome Finish With Door Knob Left Side

$489.99 $380.31

Round Corner Bathtub Screen
Size:30" x 64",Thickness:3/8" Round Corner Clear Glass Chrome Finish With Tubular Handle Left Side

$699.99 $561.98

Square Corner Bathtub Screen
Size:32" x 64",Thickness:3/8" Square Corner Clear Glass Chrome Finish With Towel Bar Left Side

$706.99 $569.77

Round Corner Bathtub Screen
Size:32" x 60",Thickness:3/8" Round Corner Clear Glass Chrome Finish With Towel Bar Combo Left Side

$702.99 $581.77

Square Corner Bathtub Screen
Size:32" x 62",Thickness:3/8" Square Corner Clear Glass Chrome Finish With Tubular Handle Left Side

$655.99 $536.98


Troy Systems premier Frameless Bathtub Screens: stylish, spacious, and the focal point of any bathroom

Experience the easy DIY installation of a Troy Systems Frameless Glass Bathtub Screen


Bathtub Screen Warranty

Order your Bathtub Screen from Dulles Glass and Mirror with confidence.

Bathtub Screen Glass and Hardware Warranty Information

Frameless tub screens are simple, beautiful glass panels separating the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom.

A custom frameless glass screen can be fabricated for any size and style preference, creating the perfect compliment to your bathtub.

Ratings & Reviews

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5 starBeautiful and easily installed
  • Written by Missy
  • Feb 19, 2015
  • Washington, DC

The bathtub glass looks so great and it was super easy to install. Thanks!!

5 starShower shield
  • Feb 4, 2015
  • Sandusky, OH


5 starShower screen
  • Jan 29, 2015
  • Jupiter, FL

I love it! I did buy one from Home Depot and found it was too big. The custom shower screen cost a little more, but it was worth it.

4 starQuality product/poor instructions/poor communications
  • Written by sst motorsports
  • Nov 20, 2014
  • Buford, GA

Satisfied with the quality of the frame less shower screen.But the product contained no installation instructions at all.I'm not a novice,however some guidance would have been helpful.Had to go online and find all measurements prudent to the install via other manufactures,not good for business in my opinion.In addition the company communicated poorly pertaining to the timing of the delivery,I was told on several occasions they would be contacting me before and when the product would be shipped.That never happened the product just showed up at the door,it did arrive in the time frame they predicted with. I do appreciate quality product but I'm very reluctant to do business again with company's that make it hard to do business.

Learn more about Bathtub Screens

Bathtub Glass Screens are a very popular European bathroom trend that is also now becoming very popular in the United States. A glass screen is beautiful and practical, and Troy Systems has made ordering your glass bathtub screens a breeze!

Multiple corner shapes to choose from:
  • Square Corner (Siena Series)
  • Round Corner (Rena Series)
Glass types available:
Edge work available:
  • Flat Polish Edge: In this application, the edges of the glass bathtub screen have been polished to a smooth shiny finish.
Sizes available:
Comes in a wide variety of widths and heights.
  • Widths: range from 18”—36”
  • Heights: range from 50”—72”
Glass thicknesses available:
  • 1/4” thickness
  • 3/8” thickness
  • 1/2” thickness
Hardware Finishes available:
  • Chrome
  • Brass
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze
Door Pull types available:
  • Knob
  • Handle
  • Towel Bar
  • Towel Bar Combo
Glass protectant available:
  • ClearShield Glass Screen Protector for a hydrophobic and hygienic glass screen.

Frameless Bathtub Screen FAQ