Back Painted Glass

Back Painted Glass Wall

Add color and brilliance to your world.

Looking to revamp your kitchen, bathroom or office with an exciting new look? Picture ultra-clear glass bathed in luminous, reflective colors.

Colored glass enhances the sleek, clean style of modern homes and commercial spaces, adding a touch of elegance when blended into traditional interiors. This versatile product introduces a new design alternative to tile, laminate, granite, marble and even wood applications.

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Back Painted Glass Custom Choices

At Dulles Glass and Mirror, every project is measured to fit your existing space. There are no minimum requirements.


We have a wide variety of colors to choose from, including custom colors based on major paint manufacturers including Benjamin Moore, Pottery Barn and Sherwin-Williams color codes.

Back painted glass in example.

Above are just a few of our many color options. Click a color to view.

Glass Thickness

Back painted glass can be ordered in a variety of thicknesses depending on the project and structural integrity required, from ¼” to ½” inch. A Dulles Glass and Mirror project manager can help you review your best options.


Custom accessories include matching switch plates and outlets to keep a seamless appearance. At Dulles Glass and Mirror, every project is measured to fit your existing space.

How Do We Make Back Painted Glass?

Back-painted glass technology is simple and durable. A special color application is applied to the back of a glossy glass panel (not the side to be used as surface area). Painting the backside of glass protects the color application from scratches and other environmental wear while preserving the reflective quality of the glass.

To maintain color integrity, HDglass panels are used. HDglass minimizes the iron particles that give glass its natural green tint; the result is an ultra clear product.

Installation requirements for back-painted glass are straight-forward and mostly follow mirror installation guidelines.

Back Painted Glass Applications

Colored glass can go just about anywhere.

  • Painted glass kitchen backsplash
  • Colored glass countertop
  • Kitchen island
  • Bathroom vanity
  • Cabinet glass inserts
  • Painted glass bathroom walls
  • Decorative colored glass wall
  • Colored Glass Doors
  • Colored Glass Tabletop

Why Order Back Painted Glass from Dulles Glass and Mirror?

Dulles Glass and Mirror has been a leader in glass glazing technology since 1972. Staffed with architectural experts and certified project managers from the ASA, our commitment to customer satisfaction is unsurpassed. Our back painted glass installations come with a 5-year warranty. Call today or drop a line for free estimates on your colored glass projects.